GDC 09 Bootlegged

Hey guys!................... I WAS @ GDC 09!!!!!.......

Just in case you were uninformed GDC stands for Game Developers Conference. I met a lot of famous..........semi-famous indie game developers like Daniel Benmergui (I wish I were the Moon) and Alec Holowka (co-founder of Bit Blot and Infinite ammo; as well as the lead programmer on Aquaria!). I randomly took a picture with Alec as if it was nothing. He didn't seem too pleased to take a picture with a random black guy..... that, or he was just having a long day LOL!!

Oh yeah... and Cactus (aka: Jonatan Söderström) !!! He was the funniest guy there! If you dont know who this guy is you need to check out his games! Hes best know for his ability to make really awesome games in a week down to a few days! One of the funniest things I saw at GDC was Petri Purho's (developer of Crayon Physics Deluxe) desktop wallpaper. It was a picture of Cactus with a comic style talk bubble over his head that said " While you were slacking off I made 4 games!" Anyway, check out this snippet from Cactus's lecture/tutorial/funny as hell thingamuhbob!

A long with this video I have like 100 other videos of the IGF lectures and tutorials as well as what went on at the Expo, IGF and GDC awards. In other words...... I HAVE A BOOTLEGGED COPY OF GDC09!......randomness....

And just to add to the randomness, I'll end this blog by showing you a picture of me laughing at the fact that I can't button up my dress shirt because my neck is too fat ROFL!!

Apps & Games

Celestial Mechanica

Celestial Mechanica delivers a mixture of action, puzzle, exploration and adventure while sporting the awesome "pixely-goodness" you've come to expect from @pietepiet and "sexy ear candy" from @rekcahdam.

Pulse Boy

PulseBoy is a web-based musical sequencer which only uses 8bit sounds and samples. PulseBoy uses a "tracker" interface to accept note input. It is currently in beta so feel free to contact me at (or @rekcahdam) if you find any bugs!

Band Saga

Band Saga is a modern Action Roguelike where every level, enemy and item is generated by music. Furthermore, every melody and every sound is synthesized in real time as you play! Collaborate with friends to complete the Saga & sequence Sega Genesis esque FM ♪ tunes asynchronously!


This is a list of smaller games and projects that were never finished for various reasons. Many people find them enjoyable nonetheless


Band Saga LP

The Soundtrack to Band Saga also includes a 22 page comic illustrated by Gina Chacón! Download it here!

Seedling Soundtrack

This Original Soundtrack was written for an action adventure game that follows the early life and journey of a boy made for one purpose--to obtain the seed of the Oracle's Tree. You can play Seedling on !

Devil's Dare OST

This Original Soundtrack was written for a 4 player 2D zombie beat'em up. Devil's Dare pits classic game heroes against monsters straight out of 90s horror movies. You can download and play Devil's Dare on Steam!

Space Time Capsule

Rekcahdam stores his most significant memories of 2013 into a HipHop Time Capsule of lyrics, story telling and actual recordings.



  • Celestial Mechanica (Programmer + Sound Designer + Composer) 2011
  • Pulse Boy (Programmer) 2011
  • 25 Year Legend (Project Director + Producer + Arranger) 2011
  • Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10k Commercial (Composer) 2012
  • Lume iOS (Porting Programmer) 2012
  • Seedling (Composer + Sound Designer) 2012
  • Famaze (Co-Programmer) 2013
  • Devil's Dare (Composer) 2013-2014
  • Cat Poke HD (Composer) 2014
  • Ghost Song (Sound Designer + Composer; project currently in-progress) 2013-2016
  • Band Saga (Programmer + Sound Designer + Composer; project currently in-progress) 2013-
  • Cruisaders Engineer (Lead Programmer) 2015-2017
  • Streets of Red Devil's Dare Deluxe (Composer) 2019
  • Ninjala (Rapper on the Ninjala OST - "We're NEXT by Atsushi Urano and Roger REKCAHDAM Hicks")2020
  • Primary Hive (Chief Technology Officer) 2017-2020
  • Steven Universe (Session Drummer for songs "Strong In The Real Way", "Steven and the Stevens", "Ste-Ste-Ste Steven","Big Fat Zucchini", "Steven and the Crystal Gems", "Comet", "Full Disclosure", "What Can I Do (For You)", "I Think I Need a Little (Change)", "Love Like You", "Being Human", "Can I Ska My Van Into your heart") 2013-2020
  • ikenfell (Rapper, Drummer and co-producer on "Between The Lines")2020

Performances / Events

Media / Press