Celestial Mechanica IS OUT NOW!

Celestial Mechanica ,PC and Mac versions, are available for download along with the soundtrack @ !


And, with that said, I'll leave you with some art work done by my dear friend Naomi over @ . ENJOY:


Anonymous said...

Is this game coming to Steam any time soon? I'm interested, but I like having all my games linked to some kind of digital downloader so they don't get lost.

Benjamin Rivers said...

I have purchased and am enjoying the game right now. Question: is it possible to save?

Anonymous said...

Does this save automatically? I just got to that bridge with sky in the background and don't want to lose my progress.

Anonymous said...

I plan on buying this, but a few people on reddit seem to be on the fence with it. They're problem being how are you handling expired FastSpring download links?

RekcahDam said...


Currently there are no plans to put the game on steam but I would love to put it up there as soon as I get the opportunity!

@Benjamin Rivers

I apologize SOOOOO much for not replying. I've been out all day and I couldn't reply with my phone for some reason. YES THE GAME DOES SAVE AUTOMATICALLY! You'll be exactly where you left off when you close the game!

@Anonymous about Fastspring download links. What problems are they having with the fast spring download links expiring? If anyone has bought the game and had it expire on them because they haven't downloaded it fast enough I will personally send them ANOTHER download link!

I sincerely apologize if this has happened to you!

Marcusss said...

Been playing it. Cool game.
But there are some issues - will you create some community forums? So we can tell you what needs to be corrected?

Yes and I am above Water Shrine (after I got back from Lava Shrine) and there is this really long line of spikes you need to carry a rocket across to destroy one of these spiky things... But it is too long! There is just no way of getting on the other side (I did it once by clicking Y and jumping some bugy big jump (I think I even triple jumped, which should not work)). So I guess I am stuck...:(

Marcusss said...

UPDATE: I did it! :) Did not notice you can Jump->Hover->Jump(second)->Hover...:)

LoTek said...

Please oh please make a Steam version! I'm sure you'll sell oodles more on it too. :D

frbacque said...

Big bug in Shrine forest, I'm stuck "in a box" after getting the wall jump. A Paid customer guy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I would like to know where would be an appropriate place for bug/improvement suggestions?

For those sitting on the fence:

There are some minor annoyances which would easily be fixed. Most notably for me:

* The collision detection on the spike beds are very frustrating. I found them not a challenge, but a punishment. You autosave in each room however, you can retry until you get it.

* Moving between rooms will give 1 quick cut, rather than a transition effect. (e.g. Metroid uses the 'slide' effect through doorways, Castlevania fades between scenes). This momentary pause will help the player gather their thoughts and not become somewhat disoriented between scenes.

* I've used FastSpring before and I have had no issue with them having my home address, though I can understand why it would seem daunting at checkout.

Aside from these small issues it is a pretty tight game so far. The character movement is very comfortable. The music fits well and the graphics are not too bad at all really.

Klades said...

Two bugs:
If you press the opposite direction with the wrong timing after wall jumping you end up moonwalking until you release the key. Initially a novel glitch, this got frustrating when I had to catch a missile immediately after landing from a walljump and kept landing facing the wrong way. I think it happens when you try to turn to soon after walljumping, after having been holding the key to push into the wall.

And secondly, the final boss fight can be massively cheesed. There is a point you can stand that is not close enough for him to teleport to the left side, but it is close enough for his fireballs to hit the ground he's standing on and fizzle instead of hitting you. From here, you can use the reflect power to cause him to take damage from the fireballs.

Other than that my only complaints are the huge hitboxes things seem to have and the length. It would be great if you ended up making a longer, deeper game along the same lines as this one, but I still call it $5 well spent.

RekcahDam said...

Hey guys right now I'm having all the bugs get sent to my email. I will look into creating a forum so that you guys can post the problems with the game.


Thanks again for all of your feedback! I really do appreciate it!

Amidos said...

Just simple question you you publish it as buy now game and you didnt wait for sponsor ?? Just wondering :)

Anonymous said...

The ability to jump>hover>jump>hover should be explained more clearly. Those long spike strips were a pain until I figured that out.

frbacque said...

Good news the bug forum because there is a HUGE glitch at Lava Shrine and game is good (and we need good games)

Anonymous said...

What is this Jump hover jump hover thing? I can't seem to do it or pass the long spikes.

Megafonzie said...

This game isn't worth buying. It's short and buggy. It's an interesting concept, I suppose, but it's so terribly executed that it's just not worth playing. The entire experience after the introduction to the lava temple feels nothing but rushed. Try harder next time, man. You could be onto something.

tomash said...

This game was horrible. Admittedly, when me and my friend played it, we thought it was going to be an amazing content-filled game, but instead we're given less than an hour's worth of gameplay, buggy levels, poorly designed levels to the point where the earlier portion of the game was harder than the latter and a plotline that revolved around the fact that Earth suddenly decided to split apart and was reassembled conveniently by a bunch of aliens. Parts of the plot weren't even explained properly, such as why the playable character was kicked out. At the end it was mentioned that they were some sort of half breed, so did an alien breed with a human? On top of that, who was that girl in the cage above the king? What happened to the prince? Why were there other people on earth the same as Marina? (at least that's what I think her name was)

Your game had so much potential and I loved the initial thrill of playing it, especially after seeing the trailer, but the trailer was literally enough for me to know everything about the game. This just tells me that there wasn't enough effort put into it. Do you see movie trailers being released that, within the 3 minute timespan, the whole thing is basically explained to you and shown to you?

I hope that future indie games you make that have this retro platformer feel turn out to be like acclaimed games such as Cave Story or La Mulana. If this was elongated in content a little and some more powerups were introduced with a more in-depth plot, I might actually recommend this to my friends.

Basically, if there was a refund option for this, I would've used it by now instead of writing this lengthy reply. I should've just bought the soundtrack to be honest (which is ironically more expensive than the game, which says something). It was the only worthwhile thing I got out of playing this.

RekcahDam said...

I just made a new blog post! You can check it out at the following link:

jarbird said...

I got the game and I'm really liking it. I'm still pretty early on, but I wanted to just say how much I love the visuals and the music.

RekcahDam said...

The patch is out! check

Damien said...

Can you please specify a bit the buying process? Can I access the mac version if I buy the PC version? For how long can I use the link sent?

RekcahDam said...


Unfortunately you can't access the Mac version if you buy the PC version.

BUT, if you buy the PC version and you want the Mac version just email me and I'll send it to you.

The download link works for 6 downloads or 7 days . Which ever one comes first. But, again, if you have your reference number for your purchase and you want to download the game after the 7 days or 6 downloads I'll be happy to send you the game myself if you send an email.

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck the water shrine help pls there by the long waters just after you learn to move things

RekcahDam said...

@Anon and everyone else whos stuck:
you can look on youtube and check out other peoples playthroughs to figure out hwot to beat the game :)!

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