Project I/O - DEMO

Project I/O from R.J. H. on Vimeo.

Hey guys! Its been awhile since I've made a new post on my blog! Today I've decided to release my IGF 2011 entry "Project I/O". Like rComplex, the development of this game started about a week before the IGF deadline.

You play as a test subject who is held against his will in a training facility. To escape the facility he must use his environment to his advantage. Luckily he isn't alone ....

You can play the demo on kongregate !
....or download the game HERE !

EDIT 2: Another Update! I decided to upload the music from the game on my sound cloud. Check it out!
Funk Intelligence by Rekcahdam

EDIT: It seems that a few people were having some problems on the second block puzzle. Usually when there's a few people having problems... a lot more are having problems lol. So I made some "hint" images to help you guys out.

METHOD 1: Getting it to follow you and jumping towards the block

METHOD 2: Jumping over it


OPERATING SYSTEMS: Windows XP, Vista or 7

RAM: 256M

PROCESSOR: 1.3 Ghz Intel Celeron M or any comparable AMD/Intel Processor

GPU: ATI 9000, Nvdia Geforce 4MX 32 MB or equivalent OpenGL compatible GPU

CAPACITY: 90 MB of hard drive space is required !


Roger Hicks - Code, Music and Sound Effects

Brian Terwiliger - 3D Artwork and Animation.


3dpprofessor said...

Wow, short.

And buggy. Controls don't seem to quite flow right. Needs some serious tightening up.

It's got it's good points. Distinct visual style. Interesting game mechanic. I like that the shots don't hurt you, just push you around a bit. Game would have been frustratingly difficult if I died every time I got hit. Then again, it would also have made the game much more rewarding and a longer experience. It would have been nice to been told that too.

I've got a few gripes with it. The whole Cube/Portal scenario is getting old. Plus having to run an installer for a 2 minute game seems a bit excessive. Couldn't you just set me up with a zip?

RekcahDam said...

Hey Joe!

Yeah I know it was short LOL! I actually have more levels but for some reason I felt that what I showed was long enough for a demo!

I didn't think people would beat it that fast. A lot of people are saying it was easy. No wonder its short to you guys LOL. Maybe ill release a full update soon then.

I'll definitely work on the controls. Do you have any specific suggestions?

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