Stream is a experimental game project some friends and I have been working on. It sports a some side scrolling shooter elements but the main theme of Stream is time travel. You play as a guerilla soldier who wont stop until he completes his mission. You can download the game HERE and enjoy!

  REQUIREMENTS: OPERATING SYSTEMS: Windows XP, Vista or 7 RAM: 256M PROCESSOR: 1.3 Ghz Intel Celeron M or any comparable AMD/Intel Processor GPU: ATI 9000, Nvdia Geforce 4MX 32 MB or equivalent OpenGL compatible GPU CAPACITY: 80 MB of hard drive space is required ! CREDITS: Roger Hicks - Code, Music and Sound Effects Brian Terwiliger - 3D Artwork and Texturing Naomi Baker - Backdrop and Character Artwork Marco Nelor - Character detail Artwork


StunWar said...


vazor said...

Yes, very cool. Kind of hard to get moving sometimes... so the acceleration could stand to be bumped up a bit- and I stopped at the first guard because I couldn't get him to follow my ghost self or whatever... Otherwise very cool concept and setting.

RekcahDam said...

@ Vazor:
Try setting the warmhole in mid run while the guard is already chasing you. If you set it before he starts chasing you he will see you running but also see your ghost materializing in from of him.. so he doesnt run after you.

Johnny Attic said...

A nice game, kept me busy for more than an hour. However, is the end really the end or are you supposed to do something?

RekcahDam said...

There's a cipher at the end. If you can figure it out you might get something cool!

Software Development India said...

Great I love to play games and this one is lookin good and soon I'll share my reviews as I'll play it.

Online Penny Auction said...

That's lookin nice. Hope that I'll find it more interesting than it appears.

lastkill3r said...

Wow. Cool game, man.

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Facundo Palma Estrada said...

Very good game, really original concept.

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