rComplex - The Facts from R.J. H. on Vimeo.

rComplex is a game project that a friend (Brian Terwilliger,who also works on WoA with me) and I started working on only 8 days before before the IGF 2010 entry deadline. Some how, even with such a short time window we made the deadline in time. It all started when my brother (Ryan) and I were coming up with simple game concepts that we thought would be good IGF entries that same night that we started the project. 8 days later rComplex was born!

rComplex is a game about a man who's only goal is to make it out alive. As he makes his attempt to escape he recalls previous events and questions his situation in his thoughts.



For those having trouble launching the game from the installer, try launching the game from the shortcut by clicking START -> All Programs -> rComplex

Apparently some people are getting an error messaging saying that they are missing MSVC71.dll . If you're getting this message download the DLL file from (or any other place you may find it) and copy it to the main folder of the game . For me, the main folder is C:\rComplex\



RAM: 256M

PROCESSOR: 1.3 Ghz Intel Celeron M or any comparable AMD/Intel Processor

GPU: ATI 9000, Nvdia Geforce 4MX 32 MB or equivalent OpenGL compatible GPU

CAPACITY: 180 MB of hard drive space is required !


Roger Hicks - Code, Music and Sound Effects

Brian Terwilliger - 3D Art and Animation

Special Thanks to Ryan Hicks and Jonathan Chevalier!


Unknown said...

Wow, I will personally give you a special award for the quickest game made before the deadline award! Good job

Unknown said...

Well thanks! I wish they really did had an award like that AHAHAHAHAHA!!

Ryogo said...

Good job! Visual style rocks.

Duncan Idaho said...

The sendspace link is broken. Bye

RekcahDam said...

Hmm.... the link seems to be working for me! Although for some reason its going sort of slow.....

I guess we're really putting sendspace to the test aren't we? HAHAHA!

Unknown said...

Wow, the game is really polished for being made in such a short time. It's a really simple concept but executed with so much finesse and a great aesthetic. I especially like how the voiceovers coincide with what's happening on screen but sound like they're almost part of the background music.

StunWar said...
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Mihir Pathare said...

Oh sweet! Downloading it now. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Man, rComplex is amazing! Any chance we'll ever see what happens next?

Anonymous said...

I've installed the game but it doesn't work, it only opens a black window and before i can read it closes.

I use a Radeon X600, is that a problem?

drobin said...

great game! thnx =D

RekcahDam said...

@ Anonymous poster with the Radeon X600:
I'm not sure why it doesnt work for you. I obviously cant check all configurations but, I've tested a Radeon X300 setup, Radeon x1900 and a Radeon 2900 HD. They all ran fine.

You've tried launching it from the shortcut right? If it still doesn't work after that then there is a way to see the error message that its giving you.

Follow these steps:
1)Go to Start

2)Go to Run

3)Type cmd (to open the command prompt)

4)Navigate to the rComplex\python folder. For me, I type "cd C:\rComplex\python". It may be different for you depending on where you installed the game.

5) Launch the game using the ppython.exe within that folder. For me, I type "ppython -E C:\rComplex\game\main.pyc". The directory that "main.pyc" is in may be different depending on where you installed it.

6) If the game doesn't launch for you, it should at least give you an error as to why it doesn't launch. When it does, send me an email or post the error message as a comment on the blog so that I can try to fix the problem. Until then, I'm sorry that it doesn't work for you right now.

Meraj07 said...

Hey RekcahDam,
It Seems I Cant Jump off the Obstacles when i am Sliding in the First Level. Any Idea???

Oni said...

Hey, the first time I Loaded up rComplex I got to the title screen perfectly fine, however I had to exit it via the task manager because of a badly timed MSN message. Now the game practically won't start at all. I tend to get a gray screen with music or a black screen with no music or some combination of the two (e.t. a black screen WITH music).

I tried doing the whole Command Prompt thing you recommended to another user and it gave me this message ":gobj[error]: Texture::write[] - couldn't write: tmp/cube_0.jpg"

(Note: The brackets on the "[error]" and the two brackets after "write" were originally "Greater than/Less than" signs, however I can't use those symbols as they are used for HTML tags on this site and I just come up with an error if I try using them.)

I would love to play your game, so any help here would be lovely. Thank you very much.

RekcahDam said...

@Meraj07 :

I think that on some computers, the game might play faster than others which causes that part to be really hard. It sounds really retarded.... and its hard to explain.... and maybe I'm just crazy but that's the conclusion that I came up with so far.

The only thing I can say is to try jumping a bit further back than you think you should have to. Don't worry about trying to jump over all of them.. You'll probably hit at least 2 of them when you slide down.. but as long as you make the rest you should be able to get past that part.


When the game first starts it tries to save some images for a shader I'm using for windows in the game. I think that one of those images that it saved must have gotten corrupted or your operating system doesn't give you the permission to write those files.

I think the easiest way to fix that problem is to uninstall the game, delete the rComplex folder and then reinstall the game. It should work fine after that.

Meraj07 said...

I Always Get Stuck at obstacle number 4 :(

Oni said...

Okay, after I uninstall the game, where exactly is the rComplex folder located if I were to keep everything at the default settings during installation?

The original place where I had the rComplex folder was just in the root directory of my C: drive, however, after uninstallation that folder is gone, so I'm wondering if you are referring to a different rComplex folder somewhere else that I need to delete.

Anonymous said...

Please make it for Mac :(

RekcahDam said...


Hmm.. For some reason I thought it would leave the folder intact after you uninstall it. I apologize for the confusion.

So, don't worry about deleting the folder, because it seems that the uninstall program does that for you. Just uninstall it and reinstall it and let me know what the results are.

Oni said...

Oh, okay. That's what I thought, but I decided to ask just to make sure. I followed your instructions and I'm still running into the same problem.

RekcahDam said...


What operating system are you using?

Oni said...

Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002, Service Pack 2.

RekcahDam said...

I'm not sure why its doing that Ronnie. My guess is that your Windows OS wont allow rComplex to write to the harddrive. If thats the case then I'm not quite sure why thats happening.

Its weird that it worked the first time but after a force quit it wont work even after you uninstall and reinstall it.

I would like to get to the bottom of this problem. Can you send me an email so that I can contact you directly if I figure it out?

Again I apologize for all of this.

Meraj07 said...

Hey RekcahDam,

I Always get Caught at Obstacle Number 4 while Sliding down in the First Level. Any Idea?
Btw. I Also Always get hit by the 1st obstacle while Sliding down in the First Level but its not when the Thing Eats me.The Thing Eats me at Obstacle Number 4. Is it a Bug or Something??? & My Game Seems to Run at a Normal Speed to me.....

Please Help me :(

Oni said...

It's perfectly fine. Thank you for all of your support.

RekcahDam said...

@ Mera07:

I Think I'm going to make a video of me beating the game. Maybe that'll help you figure out how to get past that part.

Check my blog some time next week for the video.

Meraj07 said...

Any way to Save Before That Point?
Any Cheat or SOmething? So I can Try over & over again.....

Btw. anyone else had problem crossing this obstacle?

Anonymous said...

A work of art but so damn difficult. Checkpoints would help a lot.

RekcahDam said...

@ Meraj07:

Theres really no cheats or anything to beat it LOL.

Theres a lot of people who couldnt get past it at first but eventually they got it.

The game is hard because its really short. We didn't want the experience to be over too quick AHAHA.. Again, I plan on making a video to show how I get past that part. Hopefully that will help other players!

ChanceToScoopUpGatherer=0.5 said...

really great concept and execution
one thing i would add is to have a few tiny moments of dynamic narration like if you stumble twice in a row or when you've just fired your last bullet.
also i have to second the request for checkpoints, however few, sliding down the building sides ain't easy

ChanceToScoopUpGatherer=0.5 said...

well i just finished it, i was inches away from escaping last time; also noticed that there is in fact an event for when you're down to your last bullet but i've missed it somehow.
anyway yeah, a followup on this game would be nice but no pressure

Unknown said...

Hey,when i launch the game,i get brought to the cmd and i get a Help and licence command list...I tried clicking on the shortcut,opening the program via cmd,opening it as admin and using the troubleshoot compability( win 7) to switch to a older version of Windows but it doesnt work.

any ideas?

RekcahDam said...

@ Gabriel:


I haven't even tested the game on Windows 7 but I assumed that it would work since it works on vista but maybe that was a bad assumption?

I know that when you launch the game it launches 2 windows. One is a command prompt and the other is the actual game. Do you get 2 windows or just one? And what exactly does the command prompt say when it comes up?

RekcahDam said...

@ Gabriel:

A friend of mine confirms that it does work for Windows 7, but its weird.

He says that he cant have any other windows up before starting the game or it will close for him. I don't know what that's all about but I'll look into it.

Oni said...

Hey, I'm not sure if you remember me, but I was having troubles loading up your game a little over a week ago so you had me throw you an Email just in case you found out the problem. My display name was "Ronnie".

Well, I managed to find the problem completely by accident. My processor wasn't quite strong enough to handle your game, I'm guessing. I just got a new motherboard with a quad core processor and your game runs like a dream.

Thank you for all of your help, anyways, and this is a very interesting and awesome game, especially on top of how much time(or lack there of) you had to work on it. I look forward to getting to the end of it one of these days.

RekcahDam said...

@ Oni:

Of course I didnt forget you. I never figured out your problem and I didn't want to reply to you empty handed LOL. But I'm glad you were able to remedy it yourself!

What were your specs before the upgrade?

Anonymous said...

heres my error:
what can I do?

RekcahDam said...

What are your specs? What version of windows are you using?

Oni said...

Hey, It's me (again) I'm running on Windows 7 Ultimate and I used to be able to play this game VERY smoothly on this exact same rig.

Recently I've had to uninstal quite a few things, just for space until I can get another external Hard Drive, and rComplex was one of the things that got uninstalled. I tried reinstalling it recently and the progress bar would get just about to the end, save for a few pixels, and then an error message will show up saying "cannot locate the root of the panda tree"

When I try and run the installer in various compatibility modes, the progress bar will once again get to about the end and just stay there indefinitely.

Oni said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RekcahDam said...


Sorry for the delayed response.

I think this has to do with some environment variables that are set when you install the game. I don't have windows 7 so I'm not quite sure what the problem is but I'd try to see if you could delete the panda3d environment variables for Windows 7 if possible. I don't know how to do this but in Windows XP you go to control panel - System - Advanced - Environment variables.

It could also have something to with what the game might have put into the registry for panda3d.

If not of that works then the only other thing I can think of is to try to install it in different folders? Sorry ... I'll look into this problem more.

3dpprofessor said...

I'd love to see that video of the game being beat. I just can't get past the semi-truck. When I stand up after the slide I'm gotten. is there some way you can boost your speed. Jumping late, sliding early? The part where you're sliding down the building is the worst. I can't tell if I'm jumping too soon or too late. I just want to see the end of the narrative.

RekcahDam said...

@ Joe Larson :

I guess I'll make a video of me beating the whole thing haha. I didn't want to give it away to those who haven't played it yet but why not!

Unknown said...

Man this is a really great thing! good game!!
but a bit hard.... 4 me at least
I was reading something about a first level, wich made me think that there is more then just one level? After runnin through and out the house, through the parking house i allways get caught
but keep up the great work

RekcahDam said...

Hey Guys! I finally uploaded a run through video of the game for those who couldnt beat it!

Check it out here !

The Halfway Hero said...

Hi, not sure if I'm doing something wrong or what, but does this run in windows 7 x64? no luck running it even after downloading the missing DLL. the game looks really good!

RekcahDam said...

@Half Way Hero:

A friend of mine confirms that it does work for Windows 7, but its weird.

He says that he cant have any other windows up before starting the game or it will close for him. I don't know what that's all about but I'll look into it.

I'm not sure if he was running 64 or 32 bit. I'll have to find out.

free pc games said...

Looks fantastic! Great art style!

Anonymous said...

Man, you sure had lots of work answering all those questions. ;) Wondering what was more time-consuming - "commenting" or creating the game. Anyway, I should say that the game promises well, got to play now.

RekcahDam said...


HAHA! Yeah it was a lot of work trying to answer and fix everyone's problems. But, it really bothers me when people cant play my games if they really want to.

It still definitely spent more time working on the game haha than answering these comments though

Anonymous said...

Thx for the game.
Very hard for me....I always die in the parking lot.

On my laptop (windowsXp media center sp3 and geforce go) it doesn't work! It close up during the loading phase.
I Don't know why but I don't care. I play it on my other pc.

Thx again.

Anonymous said...

When you get past the truck, is that the end of the game? 'Cuz it seems no matter what I do or many bullets I've saved and unload into it there, it alway eats me.

RekcahDam said...

@monkeysoup2057 :

No, that's not the end! You're close though!

Try to unload on it right before you slide under the gate or preferably the truck. If you give up and want to see the ending you can search youtube. A lot of people have put up some videos of them beating it =).

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RekcahDam said...

@acheter kamagra:

Non, ce n'est pas la fin! Vous êtes très proche! Vous avez juste besoin d'un peu plus loin. Lorsque vous arrivez à la sortie du feu de voiture le pont toutes les munitions sur le monstre pour s'assurer que ses assez loin et vous obtiendrez à la fin! Désolé pour mon mauvais français ....

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up, the uninstaller seems to remove *everything* from the folder the game has been installed to. So if you, say, accidentally installed it to the root of your misc. folder, the uninstaller will, without warning or the ability to cancel, obliterate everything in your misc. folder whether it has anything to do with the game or not.

I guess I just learned a very harsh lesson about keeping backups.

RekcahDam said...


I'm VERY sorry about that. And I wish I could help you, but I will make sure I edit the main page of this post to warn people not to install rComplex in any other folder besides that encompass file that you do not wish to lose upon uninstalling it.

To my defense, the installer creation program I use apparently deletes everything in the games install folder by default and I did NOT realize that because every time I've tested it . Ive never left installed the game into any folder besides its own personal folder.

Again I am sorry and I will let the masses know about this!

3dpprofessor said...

Thanks to that unsolicited comment for reminding me to mention here that rComplex is up for free indie of the year on Bytejacker!

Go rComplex... Even tho I voted for another. Tell you what, I'll vote for rComplex at work, K?

RekcahDam said...

THANKS JOE, that really means a lot!

Kamagra tablets said...

interesting post

Unknown said...

Hey, Would like to play your game. Where can i get it?

Unknown said...

Hey . Thx for quick replay. So you're making a new one. When roughly it's going to be ready. And would you be looking for a composer? If you would we should have a chat about it and i could present you some of my latest pieces.

Diego said...

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man said...

Nice, The game is really polished for being made in such a short time. It's a really simple concept but executed with so much finesse and a great aesthetic. I especially like how the voiceovers coincide with what's happening on screen but sound like they're almost part of the background music.
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Bonbons said...

I loved your blog so much I've forwarded it to all my buddies on msn.

Unknown said...

Just found out about this game and I want to play it? Are you rebuilding the game or the installer? If you need installer help, I can help with that.

RekcahDam said...


Unfortunately I had to remove the download link from my site but im sure you can find the game if you do a bit of googling :).

Sorry about that!

Anonymous said...

Hello, great little game, shame on you for not doing a gnu/linux version (just kidding)
Just in case somebody is interested, works perfect on ubuntu with the latest wine, didn't even needed the .dll hack.

Thanks for the game!

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